Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy your produce?

Valois Market: We are at the Valois Market (parking lot of 37 Donegani Ave, Pointe-Claire, Qc, H9R 2V7) on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm starting May 20th 2023 through to November 25th 2023. The market is open to the public and you are sure to find us there to greet you rain or shine. Accepted payment methods: cash, debit, credit or Tierra Viva online credits.

Online farmer's market: Place your order online for pick up at the Valois Market. Select the produce you want ahead of market day with no minimum order size and no obligation to order every week. For more details you can check out the page How to place an online order Accepted payment methods: Credit or Tierra Viva online credits.

In Mirabel: 

  • Au pays des petits fruits (11000 Rang Ste-Henriette, Mirabel, QC J7J 1Z9). Opening day: Expected opening day in the second week of June
    Asparagus, greenhouse cucumber and other produce

  • Our farm kiosk will be closed for the 2023 season.


How do I place an online order?

You can check out our How to place an online order page for all the details.  

Do you do home delivery? 

Unfortunately, no we do not offer home delivery. 

Are you certified organic? 

All vegetables and fruits grown on our farm are now certified organic. However, our fresh farm eggs are not certified organic. 

Keep in mind that we also offer produce that is not grown by us. We only resell produce made or grown locally and we prioritize producers that are organic. The origin of the item will always be clearly indicated as well as whether they are organic certified.

What produce is available right now? 

You can always check out our online farmer's market to find out what is currently available. If you would to see the full list of produce and their expected availability please check out our Produce calendar

How to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer at home? 

There is not quick answer to this question so we've created a short guide for you in our How to keep fruits and vegetables fresh at home page. 

Can I visit the farm? 

We will be hosting farm visits and offering volunteering opportunities for the 2023 season. To be fully up to date with upcoming events we invite you to sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

Do you offer job or volunteering opportunities? 

Please check our Employment and Volunteering Opportunities page for all details and vacancies.

Do offer produce year-round? 

We aren't quite there yet but we are working on extending our season further into the winter months. You can check out our Produce calendar for an estimate of when our produce will be available. 

What do farmers do in the winter? 

The short answer is that we get to do everything we didn't have time to do or we know we won't have time to do during the growing season.

Yes, resting and a vacation (or "staycation") is usually in the schedule, but the rest of the time is taken up by lots of planning. A well thought out plan is essential to ensure a good harvest, especially as we increase complexity by increasing crop variety. I get to work on crop plans, field plans, seed orders, supply orders, finances, budget plans, grant applications, hiring plans and I usually take some professional development courses. There are also usually some degree of upgrades or repairs to do on our machinery or buildings each winter. Before I know it, March is around the corner and we start sowing the first crops in the plant nursery. I enjoy the seasonality of my work and am grateful I get to do what I love. 


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