Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be a CSA member to buy your produce?
No, while there are benefits to becoming a member, we offer the following options for you to enjoy our harvest without prior commitment.

1. Kiosk at the farm (open to the public)
Our farm kiosk will be open for the 2024 asparagus season (6 weeks). We will also have other spring vegetables available on-site as well as our annual garden plant sale.
  Open season: May 18 to June 22 (rain or shine)
  Opening hours: Saturday 9am-2pm
  Address: 8084 Ch du Chicot N, Mirabel, Qc, J7N 2H5
  Payment methods: cash, debit, credit,Tierra Viva online credits

2. Marché Valois farmer's market (open to the public)
We bring our own vegetables, fruits, eggs and flowers as well as other seasonal staples from local farms. Discover other local producers and artisans while you are there too!
  Open season: May 25 to November 2 (rain or shine)
  Opening hours: Saturday 10am-2pm
  Address: 37 Donegani Ave, Pointe-Claire, Qc, H9R 2V7
  Payment methods: cash, debit, credit,Tierra Viva online credits

3. Au pays des petits fruits farm stand (open to the public)
Renowned for their excellent berries they also offer a wide variety of vegetables from their own production and from other local farmers. You can find our asparagus, greenhouse cucumbers, potatoes and more!
  Open season: mid-June to end of September
  Opening hours: daily 9am-2pm (spring/summer) 11am-6pm (fall) (See
  Address: 11000 Rang Ste-Henriette, Mirabel, QC J7J 1Z9
  Payment methods: cash, debit, credit

Why should I become a CSA member?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system that invites consumers to connect directly with a local organic farm to share in the growing, eating, and celebrating of farm-fresh produce. When you sign up for a CSA membership, you pay in advance for a share of the farm's upcoming harvest at an advantageous price.

When you sign up for our CSA membership you:
 • Get priority access to a steady and varied supply of fresh, nutritious and organic produce
 • Enjoy full flexibility on the contents of your weekly basket
 • Save on your grocery bill with our membership specials
 • Provide a source of financial stability for our farm
 • Contribute to the development of a resilient system of agriculture*

*Les jardins Tierra Viva officially joined the Family Farmers Network (FFN) in 2024. The FFN is an organization that advocates for agriculture at a human and collective scale, providing farmers with coaching and training services to help them be more resilient stewards of the land. With the purchase of one of our CSA membership, a contribution is sent to the FFN.

How does the CSA membership work?
When you sign up for a membership you purchase Tierra Viva online credits that work like a prepaid card that you can use throughout the season.
Season: May 25 - November 2 (24 weeks)

 • Choose the amount of Tierra Viva online credits that best suits your needs
 • Use the credits at your own pace, no need to inform us if you are skipping a week
 • Select the contents of your basket by placing an order through our online market (Online market opens from Tuesday to Thursday)
 • Enjoy full flexibility on the contents of your weekly basket, select only what you like or need
 • No mininum nor maximum order size
 • Choose one of our two pick up locations:

1. Mirabel: at the farm
  Pick up hours: Fridays 3pm-7pm
  Address: 8084 Ch du Chicot N, Mirabel, Qc, J7N 2H5

2. Pointe-Claire: at the Marché Valois
  Pick up hours: Saturdays 10am-2pm
  Address: 37 Donegani Ave, Pointe-Claire, Qc, H9R 2V7

To subscribe visit our CSA memberships and online credit page.

How do I place an online order?
Check out our How to place an online order page for all the details.

Do you offer home delivery?
Unfortunately, no we do not offer home delivery.

Is your produce certified organic?
All vegetables and fruits grown on our farm are certified organic by Ecocert. However, our fresh farm chicken eggs are not certified organic.

While we grow a wide variety of produce on our farm, we don't grow some seasonal staples like sweet corn, strawberries, apples and mushrooms. We source these items directly from local farmers and prioritize organic producers. You can always find the producer's name and the item's organic certification status clearly indicated in the price label for each item, both on our online market and our kiosks.

What produce is available right now?
You can always check out our online farmer's market to find out what is currently available. To see a full list of produce and their expected availability please check out our Produce calendar.

The 2024 CSA season will begin the week of Monday. Don't miss out on important dates, subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page.

Can I visit the farm?
We will be hosting farm visits and offering volunteering opportunities for the 2024 season. To be fully up to date with upcoming events subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page.

Do you offer job or volunteering opportunities?
Yes we do! Please check our Employment and Volunteering Opportunities page for all details and vacancies.

Do offer produce year-round?
We aren't quite there yet but we are working on extending our season further into the winter months.

Couldn't find the answer to your question? We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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