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***NEW*** Great news Mirabel! We are opening up our farm as a new pick up location for online orders. Enjoy fresh organic vegetables straight from the farm. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for all the details. 

CSA memberships and online credit

Do I need to be a CSA member to buy your produce?
No, while there are benefits to becoming a member, you can always buy using non-membership Tierra Viva credit see details at the bottom of this page.
For other options on how to buy our harvest without prior commitment see our FAQ page for details.

How does the CSA membership work?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system that invites consumers to connect directly with a local organic farm to share in the growing, eating, and celebrating of farm-fresh produce. When you sign up for a CSA membership, you pay in advance for a share of the farm's upcoming harvest at an advantageous price.

Your CSA membership includes Tierra Viva online credits that you can use throughout the season.
Season: May 25 - November 2 (24 weeks)

 • Choose the amount of Tierra Viva online credits that best suits your needs from the options above ($400, $600, $800 and $1000)

 • Use the credits at your own pace, no need to inform us if you are skipping a week

 • Select the contents of your basket by placing an order through our online market

 • Enjoy full flexibility on the contents of your weekly basket, select only what you like or need

 • No minimum nor maximum order size

 • Choose one of our two pick up locations:

1. Mirabel: at the farm
  Pick up hours: Fridays 3pm-7pm
  Address: 8084 Ch du Chicot N, Mirabel, Qc, J7N 2H5

2. Pointe-Claire: at the Marché Valois
  Pick up hours: Saturdays 10am-2pm
  Address: 37 Donegani Ave, Pointe-Claire, Qc, H9R 2V7

Terms of agreement:

 • An account on our website is required in order to purchase a membership.

 • Members are responsible for placing an order through the online market and picking up their basket at the specified location and time.

 • The online market will open from Tuesdays to Thursdays. A weekly reminder will be sent via our email newsletter.

 • Tierra Viva online credits can be used towards the purchase of any of our products on our online market or our in-person kiosks.

 • As of the 2024 season, unclaimed credits will not be carried over to the following season. Members are responsible for using all their credits by the last pick up date. (Note: all credits left over from the 2023 season will be carried over one last time)

 • To benefit from the specials listed above, payment must be sent in advance in either 1 or 2 installments. A detailed invoice will be sent after completion of the sign up form.
(50% of membership price by April 15 and 50% by May 15 or, 100% by May 15)

 • Our preferred payment method is by e-Interac to the address:
Please send us an email for alternative payments method options.

 • For all memberships purchased before May 26 2024, the mandatory contribution to the Family Farmers Network of $24.35 plus taxes will be covered by us. The contribution is already included in the discounted prices listed above. These funds will be used by the FFN to provide various services to the network farms and advocate for the CSA model.

 • In case of membership cancellation, the amount refunded will be of the amount paid (and not the value of the membership) minus a $40.00 administrative fee. If the cancellation is done after the first basket delivery, the FFN contribution of $24.35 plus tax is not refundable.

 • Unfavourable weather, disease and pests are part of the inherent risks of agriculture and can affect the quality and abundance of harvest. Members are willing to share the risks, and understand that they will receive their fair share nonetheless.

 • By completing the checkout form on the next page you are accepting the terms of agreement listed on this page.

Non-membership Tierra Viva credit purchases
For consumers that wish to benefit from the convenience of ordering through our online market without the commitment of a membership, we offer the $145 non-membership option.
All terms described above for the CSA membership apply but with the following exceptions:

 • Payment must be done in a single installment.
 • There is no contribution to the FFN.
 • In case of exceptionally poor harvest yields, priority of choice will be given to CSA members.

If you have any questions you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at

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8084 Chemin du Chicot Nord, Mirabel, J7N 2H5